Koca Yusuf's factory acceptance tests (FAT) were successfully completed on 03 November 2021. The tests were carried out in 2 stages in accordance with API standards, accompanied by a commission of 20 people determined by the Client Institution TPIC. While the functions of the drilling rig and its equipment were tested in the first stage, success was achieved with performance tests (350 Tons Load Test) later on.

The transportation to Adıyaman Karakuş oil field operated by TP has started. It started with 15 lowbet trucks and 9 truck loads. After drilling a test well in Adıyaman, estimated to start in mid-January 2022, Koca Yusuf will take its place in TP's oil exploration program for 2022. Petrotek TP1500 model drilling rigs will take their place in the world market as the land drilling rig at the top of the series.

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