TP series Land Drilling Rigs

Petrotek’s TP series land drilling rigs represent the state of the art in land drilling rig technology. Designed and built for Turkey’s NOC, the TP series comes complete with features such as VFD/PLC electric drive, joystick-controlled rig automation system and quick rig up/down mechanism. The 350-ton TP1500 is designed for horizontal and directional drilling to a total depth of 5000m (16.400ft) and 450-ton TP2000 for 6500m (21.300ft) or more in oil, natural gas and geothermal exploration wells, in the toughest environments.

PLR series land drilling rigs have been optimized with the following options:

• BOP handling system
• Additional HSE features
• Hydraulic catwalk
• Iron roughneck
• Automated pipe handling system
• Custom automation features
• Winterization package
• Masts, Substructures, and Crown Blocks conformed to API 4F
• Power Slips
• Drawworks conformed to API 7K
• Power Control House

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