At Petrotek, we understand no business may sustainably grow without making honesty one of its pillars. We therefore place utmost importance to forming open and honest relationships with our clients, business counterparts and employees.

We understand that we serve as an integral part of our community and the entire business ecosystem. In line with this understanding, we highly respect our clients & business counterparts, our community & environment and our employees. We keep a very strong dedication to honoring our undertakings and responsibilities in all regards.

We live in an era where resources are extremely scarce. We therefore place efficiency as the second pillar of our business understanding. We live by a commitment where all things Petrotek - from the method we run our factories, our cost management system, pricing policies, design - have to be highly efficient.

In order to attain our high efficiency goals, we give strong emphasis to functional simplicity in all our work. We commit to a design and manufacture process that is state of the art, yet elegantly simple and devoid of all the complicated fancy work of todays’ typical European manufacture. We do not believe in complex design tweaks that increase costs and require long training periods, high specialized maintenance and still result in frequent breakdowns. Oilfield equipment, we believe, must simply be simple and tough.

With a commitment towards attaining simple, efficient and state of the art designs, comes a strong necessity to innovate. We understand the need to introduce continuously improving approaches to solving common problems in order to stay ahead of our competition. We therefore place strong emphasis in innovation in all our work, and operate and develop all our products right in the field in collaboration with our sister companies.

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