We build our units to last! We manufacture our products in compliance with global manufacturing standards and by using high quality, original components from specialized manufacturers that are the or among the best in their class. But that is not all…

A lot of research and development time goes behind our every design, in order to make all of them state-of-the-art, yet simple, robust and easy to maintain. Yet even then, we continuously push ourselves beyond this to further evolve every single product in order to give our clients a better experience every time they return.

We build all our products around the following principles;

Efficient Design
We combine Turkish manufacturing advantages with foreign original components and a simple, straightforward design to give our clients very cost-effective, highly versatile and extremely reliable machinery.

Original Components
All major components utilized in our rigs and units are supplied from a select list of world-renowned, specialized manufacturers that are the best in their class.

High Power, Small Footprint
Our rigs provide ample power with an extremely small footprint, allowing easy mobilization to restricted spaces

Field Proven
Our rigs and equipment are continuously used in service by our sister companies and improved with each new make. We do not manufacture theoretical designs.

Our rigs and units are designed to operate and perform in the most extreme climates and challenging environments. Thanks to our no-nonsense design, our products fear no land! Rest assured, we have the solutions to offer you the most for your investment.

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